Rush (Rise up special heroes) v1.0.98 IOS Mod | x10 DMG | x10 DEF | Menu Mod
  • Version: 1.0.98
  • Jailbroken: Yes
  • Categories: Free IOS Mod Jailbroken
  • Credits: Rio
  • Post Date: May 19, 2019
  • Update Date: 2 years ago
  • Views: 963
  • x10 DMG
  • x10 DEF
  • x10 ATK Speed

How to install:

- How to install Jailbroken mod

Rush (Rise up special heroes) Desctiption
■■Even If You Raise Your Account Level, You Will Receive A Ruby Of $500 Worth!■■
■■New Accounts Will Receive Large Rewards For 8 Days!■■
Day 1 4-star Overlord Cain
Day 2 6-star Hero Lottery
Day 3 6-star Hero Lottery
Day 4 6-star Hero Lottery
Day 5 6-star Hero Lottery
Day 6 6-star Gear Lottery
Day 7 6-star Hero Lottery
Day 8 6-star Hero Lottery
Official Cafe : Http://

■ Over 200 Heroes To Play!

■ Adventure Mode For Continuous Character Training! Hundreds Of Stages!
An Adventure To Seek The Soul Stone!

■ When Adventure Mode Gets Too Difficult, Try The Tower Of Challenge!
Test Your Skills In The Tower Of Challenge For Fabulous Rewards!

■ Try The Arena Combat If You Think You Are Ready!
Test Your Strength By Dueling Against Other Heroes!
Claim Several Hundred Gems Every 3 Days As A Bonus Reward!

■ Fight The World Boss In Rush!
Claim Rubies Everyday!
Receive Gold On Every Challenge!

■ Play Guild Boss Raid...